Harry Potter Pornography Story: Harry pokes all Three

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Harry pokes all Three

Harry made his way toward the burrow and noticed Fred, George, Ginny, Ron and Hermione was sitting around waiting on Harry to arrive. As Harry got closer, Ginny ran up to him and wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck giving him a deep, long kiss. Everyone else walked up and just welcomed him.

“I hope you do not mind if we don’t give you a kiss.” said one of the twins.

Mrs. Weasley came walking over to Harry wearing an apron to welcome him. She told them that diner was ready so they all marched up to the house. After washing up they all sat down at the table to eat. Bill, Fleur and Mr. Weasley were at their seats already when Harry arrived. It had been a while since Harry had a good meal so he grabbed a little bit of everything.

Harry asked them about Voldemort, which got a couple of shivers from some people. Ron, Ginny and Hermione were used to Harry using his name. They told Harry that Voldemort was killing all over, young and old he did not care. After the fall of Dumbledore, things really got worse. If you were not going to following Voldemort, you died instantly. The order was trying everything they could to stop him but they had been unsuccessful at their attempts.

Harry wanted to know everything but Mrs. Weasley shooed them of to bed. Harry and Ron had the attic like always and the twins had their room. Bill and Fleur took over Percy’s room since he was not talking to anyone in the family still. Harry and Ron changed into their pajamas and Ron climbed into bed.

Harry got the sudden urge to take a piss so he told Ron that he would be right back and headed out the door and down the stairs. As he passed Ginny’s room, he heard Ginny and Hermione whispering. Harry saw an extendable ear on the floor and inserted it into his ear. The other part slithered under the door. After a second or two, he could hear Hermione’s voice.

“I promise you this will feel good.” Harry’s heart sped up as he heard Hermione talk.

“Ok but go slow.” he heard Ginny whisper.

“Lie down and relax, I’m going to insert my wand into your pussy. It may feel weird at first but give it a little and you’ll enjoy it.” Hermione told her.

After what seemed like an hour to Harry, he heard Ginny moaning and panting. Just as Harry was getting into it, he heard a bedroom door open so he yanked on the ear and dropped it where he found it. He then walked casually to the bathroom and Mrs. Weasley came out of her room

“I thought I heard someone out here. Is everything alright Harry dear?” she asked him.

“Yeah just need a bathroom break”: he told her while trying to hide his erection from her.

Harry trotted of to the bathroom and felt a relief as he let his pee go. It was a little hard because he was still half-erect. By the time he emptied his bladder he was soft again. After two shakes, he heard three was masturbating, he stowed his cock into his jeans and headed back to bed. Harry reached for the door but it opened up for him.

Behind it, Mrs. Weasley was standing there in a silky, see-through nightgown. She slowly stepped inside of the bathroom and shut the door. As soon as it clicked, Mrs. Weasley dropped her gown. Her breasts were big and soft looking, her pussy was as red as her hair. Harry stepped forward and stuck one of her massive nipples into his mouth.

She grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth into her until Harry almost stopped breathing nevertheless he just kept sucking. Harry reached his hand down between her legs and placed his hand on the outside of her pussy. She just opened her legs to let Harry reach back and slide two fingers into her hot, wet, dripping pussy. Harry drove his fingers in and out slowly at first but the he started picking up speed.

Harry removed his lips from her breasts and concentrated on fingering her pussy. She reached down and pulled his hand away so she could lie down on her back. Harry got on his knees and positioned two fingers into her opening. He pushed and pulled them in and out.

“More, add more.” Harry heard Mrs. Weasley tell him.

Harry added another finger into her but it was not enough for her so he just added his entire hand into her pussy. This seemed to satisfy her so Harry picked up as much speed as he could. As Harry rammed his fist in and out of her pussy, he could feel her tightening up. Harry withdrew his has and got a face full of female cum. Harry laid on his back as Mrs. Weasley crawled up and took his cock into her mouth.

She raised and lowered her head on to his cock while playing with his balls. She rolled his balls around in-between her fingers giving them a slight squeeze occasionally. This had been the best blowjob Harry had ever received. He figured experience came with age. Harry knew he was about to cum and yelled it out buy she just worked him harder. When he came in her mouth, she sucked harder to make sure she got every drop.

She then got up, pulled on her robes and made her way back to her room. Harry just lay on the bathroom floor catching his breath before making his own way back to his room. He made a quick sop to listen at Ginny’s room but it was quiet so he continued. When he got to the bedroom, Ron was already asleep so Harry just climbed in bed and fell asleep.

The next morning he awoke to Ginny squeezing into bed with him. It felt so good to feel her body climbing on top of him. Her skin was nice, soft and smelled of vanilla. Harry embraced her into a tight squeeze. Harry ran his finger through her hair slightly brushing it out of her face as he stared into her eye.

“Good morning sunshine” she said and gave him a peck on the cheek before going down stairs.

Harry threw his glasses on as Ron said, “Wish Hermione would wake me up like that.”

Ron just shrugged and went down stairs followed closely by Harry. Everyone was sitting down around the table eating their breakfast. Harry sat in between Ginny and Hermione while Ron sat down on the other side of Hermione. Harry felt Ginny put her hand on his knee while they ate their breakfast. They talked about the wedding plans, security and whom they were inviting. After a while, the four of them got up and went outside to play a little Quidditch. Hermione and Ron against Harry and Ginny. It was not real fair since Hermione does not play Quidditch but she knew what she was doing by now after 6 years of watching the game.

Lunch came and went. Afterwards Harry and Ginny decided to go for a walk around the garden patch. They talked about what he, Ron and Hermione was going to do when school started. The plan was to get on the train and head to school and leave from there because no one else knew what they were up to. They could not take the chance of anyone knowing the plan because they might try to stop them. After what seemed like hours, they went inside for diner. Harry enjoyed these sit-down meals with everyone because he did not know when he would be seeing everyone again or when he would get a good meal on the road.

After diner the four of them decided to go up to Ron’s room and talk. When they got there, Harry and Ginny sat on his bed and Hermione sat on Ron’s bed with him. Harry put his arm around Ginny’s waist and started discussing their plans.

“Right after we get to Hogwarts we will spend the night, set out the next day for Hogsmeade and off to Godrics Hallow so I can see my parent’s grave. Then we have to figure out where to go from there.” Harry told them.

“Well” Hermione replied, “We could start off by paying Lucius Malfoy a visit in Azkaban. He might know some thing.” just then Hermione pulled out a bottle of clear liquid. “This is Veritaserum; I stole it out of Slughorn’s stash at the end of last term.”

“Brilliant” Harry told her “that should work.”

Therefore, it was set at what they were going to do first. Ginny then said that she was going down to take a bath. She gave Harry a peck on the cheek then left the room. Harry told Ron and Hermione that he was going to go down and grab a snack. He left the room and heard Hermione and Ron start talking before he shut the door.

Harry always carried his invisibility cloak on him in his back pocket, except for sleeping. He took it out, swung it around himself, and headed for the bathroom. He passed by Ginny’s room and noticed she was still in there getting her night cloths together so Harry continued to the bathroom. He got in there and sat in the corner on a stool to wait for her. He heard someone come into the bathroom. It was Fleur; she was wearing a pink bathrobe made of silk. She bent over and turned on the water, the bathtub filled with steaming water very quickly. Fleur dropped her robe and stood in the mirror combing her hair.

She was tall and slender with long silky legs. Her breasts were round and full about the size of large grapefruits. Her pussy was completely bald and Harry could see her slit clearly. Harry started getting hard when Ginny walked in with her purple and blue robe on.

“Oh sorry” Ginny said, “I thought the bath was free. I’ll leave you to it then.”

Harry noticed Ginny was checking her out as she was talking. Fleur grabbed her hand and led her over to the tub. Ginny dropped her robe to the floor. Ginny’s tits were about the size of a couple of oranges but they still looked good and her pussy was as fiery red as her hair. Harry was enjoying watching two women standing there naked.

Fleur grabbed Ginny’s hand and led her to the bathtub. They both sat down in the tub and Harry could only see their breasts so he stood up to get a better view from right beside the tub. Since he was invisible, they would not even know he was there. When he got to the side of the tub, Ginny put her hand in between Fleur’s legs and messaged her pussy lips. Fleur meanwhile leaned forward grabbed a hold of the back of Ginny’s neck and puller close and kissed her. Harry bent over to get a better look and noticed their tongues moving around shooting in and out of their mouths. Fleur reached down and buried a couple fingers inside of Ginny’s pussy.

Ginny rotated her hips around the fingers buried inside her pussy. Ginny leaned back against the tub and grabbed at her nipples. She squeezed and pulled them while moaning. Her mouth fell open slightly as she panted. Ginny stuck one of her fingers into her mouth and sucked on it. Harry saw Ginny tighten up and squeeze her legs together. Ginny just laid there panting.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Fleur stand up. She walked along the bathtub wily a foot on each side of Ginny and sat down on her face. Ginny darted her tongue into Fleur’s pussy as she reached up and held onto her hips. Fleur was moving up and down on Ginny’s face as if she was fucking it. Ginny stuck her tongue out as far as she could. Fleur sat down all the way onto Gunny’s tongue and Harry saw some liquid rolling down the sides of her face. After Fleur sat back down in the tub, Harry had enough and set off back to his room.

He went for the doorknob and heard Hermione’s voice “yes fuck me big boy fuck Me.”

Harry got hard again as he opened the door and say Ron and Hermione naked on Ron’s bed. Ron’s dick was jammed up Hermione’s pussy as far as it would go. Harry noticed a small trickle of blood rolling down Ron’s balls and figured he just popped her cherry. There was no way Harry was going to be the only one without sex tonight.

He walked over to then and stated in a fun voice, “is this a private party or can anyone join in?“

Ron looked surprised but Hermione just kept bouncing up and down as if Harry never said anything. Ron shrugged and went back to grabbing Hermione’s waist and pulled her down harder. Harry took off all of his cloths and stood next to the bed and Hermione grabbed his cock and put it into her mouth. She was better than the girl at the park was but not as good as Mrs. Weasley. After Harry’s cock was nice and moist he moved around to the foot of the bed, climbed up behind Hermione, and without pause slid his dick into her ass.

Harry pushed his entire length into her ass. With some work from all three of them, they got a nice rhythm working. They were all panting and sweating with little moans from each of them. Harry reached around and fondled the breast Ron did not have in his mouth. After seeing the sex a little bit ago, Harry could not hold out much longer with the tight ass wrapped around his cock. Harry pushed his cock in as far as her could before making a deposit. Harry, now exhausted, climbed off the bed and squeezed into his own. He fell asleep before they had even finished each other off.

The next few days were uneventful. Much of the time was spent planning the wedding and setting up tents in the lawn for guests. Most of Fleur’s family already showed up including Gabrielle (Fleur’s sister) whom was a miniature version of Fleur. Gabrielle started following Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny around all day. She kept grabbing Ron and Harry’s hands at which Harry noticed Hermione and Ginny did not like it at all. They just gave her dirty looks but she just seemed to ignore them. People regularly played Quidditch in which Ron and Harry joined in a lot and usually won thanks to Harry’s seekers skill.

Three days before the wedding Harry and Ron were lying in bed talking when they heard the door creak open. Harry looked and Gabrielle was standing there. “Can I sleep in here tonight? Fleur and Bill are keeping me up with all that moaning.” she said to Harry. He said sure why not and she made herself a little bed on the floor. There was no light in the room nevertheless Harry could make out she was wearing a long teddy. Harry awoke some time later to some noises in the room. He threw on his glasses and sat up to look around.

“Do not worry I used Imobulas on her. She won’t wake up.” and Ron said as he smiled at Harry.

Ron had Gabrielle’s teddy lifted up to her neck exposing her small breasts and pink undies. Harry crawled off the bed to her underwear and removed them to reveal pink peach fuzz. After completely getting rid of them, he dove face first into her snatch. He could feel her pussy juices flowing so he stuck a couple fingers inside her box. She was nice and wet which made Harry’s fingers slide in and out easily. Harry was lost in the moment; it was not until he saw Ron move that he came back to his senses.

Ron moved down to where Harry was and said, “Let’s pull a Hermione on her.” followed by a little chuckle.

Ron and Harry worked together to pull Gabrielle on top of Ron. When they had her sitting on Ron’s waist, he grabbed his cock and pointed toward her hole. She was so wet that it slipped right in. Harry positioned himself behind them and lubricated his cock enough so it would slide into her ass. Harry put the head of his dick at the entrance and pushed but he met resistance. He tried pushing repeatedly and was met with a really tight but hole. Harry did not come this far to give up now.

Harry withdrew his wand and starting with the small, skinny part, he inserted it into her ass. He slowly pushed the wand in and as it went it widened the hole. By the time the wand was all the way in Harry figured he ass was now big enough. He withdrew the wand and gave his cock a few strokes to make it as hard as he could. He positioned it at the puckered ass and pushed.

It was a little hard still nevertheless, the head popped in. It was a tight fit and Harry just grabbed hip hips and pushed with all his might. Ron had never lost a beat fucking her pussy. Harry slid all the way in until his balls smacked her pussy. Having done this before they both got a good rhythm down pat.

“Faster, harder you little bitches.” Harry and Ron froze just staring at each other.

Ron looked up into Gabrielle’s eyes and she was looking right back at him. She gave him an innocent smile before Ron just shrugged and pushed into her faster. Harry took this as a good sign and pounded her ass as hard as he could. Harry felt her ass loosen up with each thrust he gave her.

“Oh god, fuck my ass. Make me cum.” was all she could say repeatedly.

Harry just obliged her and rammed his cock home. Harry could tell Ron had already cum because he stopped thrusting. Nevertheless, Harry just kept fucking her as she lay on top of Ron. Harry never missed a beat until he felt his balls about ready to explode. With every thrust, he slammed into her to where Ron had to hold her still.

Harry pushed as far into her ass as he could with one final shove then exploded his contribution into her ass. Harry withdrew his cock with a little popping sound and climbed onto his bed. The others just laid on the floor for another minute or two. Gabrielle climbed off Ron and Harry could see little trickles of cum oozing out of her pussy and ass at the same time. Ron climbed into his bed and they both watched as she got dressed and left out the door.

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