Harry Potter Pornography Story: Harry’s wise budge

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Harry’s wise budge

Harry and Hermione both crouched down low.

“Oh baby, you have such a nice cock,” Hermione groaned. Harry hearing this, confused him for she was dating Ron. She must have thought he was Ron in her drowsiness. “Harry baby, fuck me right now,” she mumbled.

Harry’s pants now showed a tent. “Uh… what Hermione?” he asked half excited half mad. “Harry Potter, I want your cock inside me,” she murmured. “What did you say?” Harry said now grinning.

He doesn’t give a damn that this is his best friend’s girlfriend. “I want your cock inside me Harry Potter,” she mumbled again. “Ok, but first blow me,” Harry ordered. She went on her knees and started sucking him.

“Oh, Harry! Your cock is so much bigger than Ron’s,” she squealed. Harry was pleased. According to Ginny, Ron’s cock was huge. And now Hermione commented that his was bigger.

He was so proud of his little friend. Hermione finished sucking him. “I need to fuck you now Granger,” he growled and pushed him onto of him. Even though Hermione wasn’t a virgin. her pussy felt like one.

“Oh Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy!” she screamed while she came. Harry pounded a few strokes in. It felt so good to be inside Hermione at last.

Then someone suddenly burst in. “What the fuck?”

To be continued….

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