Harry Potter Pornography Story: Hermione/Ginny

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Hermione/Ginny

Ginny jumped to her feet and rushed to the pupils’ bathroom and stuck her hands under the tap and rinsed thoroughly. After she was sure that her hands were clean Ginny reached for her robes. Just as she was about to pull them up, she hesitated. ‘Paralysing numbness to area will occur.’ Her breasts had been so painful lately, was a little relief too much to ask? They were still tingling as well and it was feeling so good, she really didn’t want it to end right now.

Ginny strolled back out to Hermione, drying her hands on her robes. She flexed her fingers, no paralysis and no numbness, she was ok. “Thanks for the warning.” She said as she climbed back onto the bed. Hermione nodded and tossed the jar back into Ginny’s open junk where it made a soft flump noise as it hit her clothes. “No problem.” She smiled.

They made a little small talk, shared a couple of jokes and discussed future events like Hermione’s up coming exams. She was worried and wasn’t convinced when Ginny said she’d pass easily.

About ten minutes into the conversation, Ginny’s breasts began to feel strangely cold. She ignored it and assumed that the numbing sensation on the warning label was merely beginning to kick in.

Suddenly Ginny screamed loudly and was thrown back onto the bed as a convulsion of agony shot through her body. Hermione’s hands shot to her face and she jumped around to Ginny’s side. “Ginny? What’s wrong?” She asked in a high panicky voice. Ginny thrashed and yelled in agony. It felt like a concrete block had been placed onto her chest. “I can’t breath.” She gasped out in agony.

Hermione was literally shaking, this was frighteningly familiar. She was about to run and find Madam Pomfrey. But she forgot how to use her legs when Ginny’s chest began to expand.

It was like her breasts had been plugged into an air pump and someone had let rip on full blast. In seconds Ginny had gone from C cup to D to E to F. The seams of her robes ribbed and exploded, no longer able to contain the expanding mams. DD, EE, FF, and growing beyond any known size.

Hermione sat dumbfounded as the rags of Ginny’s top fell away, revealing the pale, freckled skin of Ginny’s tits. Her nipples were rock hard and stood up half an inch long. Her breasts still continued to increase in size and there was practically nothing left of her robes now.

Ginny stared down at herself with wide eyes. She tried to sit up, but the weight of her massive mams held her down. “What’s happening to me?” She cried. Hermione sat dumbfounded. Ginny was now the size of beach balls and were still expanding.

Ginny gasped and flayed her arms madly. “I can’t breath.” She gasped toward Hermione, her face was beginning to turn red and Hermione realised that the weight of the tits was squashing Ginny’s rib cage and stopping her getting air into her lungs.

Hermione jumped to her feet, grabbed Ginny’s arms and pulled hard. It was like trying to carry three people on your back, Ginny’s weight had increased so much. With a lot of hard work Hermione managed to get Ginny sitting up and kept a tight grip on her wrists otherwise Ginny would fall over again. Her tits were sitting on her lap and were actually hanging over her knees. They were slowing down and were coming to a stop. The bra needed to cover those things was in a size that didn’t exist.

Hermione fell back and stared. The large pale skinned tits were covered in freckles. Her nipples were over three inches long and rock hard, the pink around them were as big as saucers. They were impossibly large and reminded Hermione of beanbag chairs with nipples. They covered her entire thighs and hung over her knees and almost touched the floor. Just the very tips of Ginny’s shoes could be seen. If Hermione wrapped her arms around one, her fingertips would only just touch if she squeezed a little.

Hermione felt like her brain had been switched off. She just couldn’t process the information of two giant boobs attached to a small girl. Ginny breathed deeply, it was hard to take air into her lungs due to the size of the knockers, but enough was getting in. “What the hell happened.” She said looking down at herself. Hermione didn’t say a word, she seemed to have been shocked into forgetting how to form words. Ginny looked at her intensely. Her back was starting to hurt and if Hermione loosened her grip for a second she would fall back and suffocate. “HERMIONE.” She screamed.

This snapped Hermione back into reality and she almost dropped Ginny. Manoeuvring herself around Hermione helped pull Ginny onto the bed and leaned the girl against the wall. Ginny sat with her legs straight and buried under her titan tits. The rags of her robes fell away and lay in tatters on the bed and floor. “What happened?” Ginny asked bewildered.

Hermione shrugged her shoulders and looked at the jar of moisturiser. “Did you put some of this on your chest?” she asked quietly, still staring at the label. A sense of dvu came over her but she couldn’t explain it. Ginny nodded. “Yes, but just a little.” She said quietly. Hermione clicked her fingers. “Of course. How could I have been so stupid?” “What?” interrupted Ginny desperately, Hermione had an answer and she wanted to know.

Hermione stared at Ginny for a moment. The breasts jiggled slightly with every breath she took and Hermione felt a familiar stirring between her legs. She wanted to reach out and touch the engorged nipple, wondering vaguely what it would taste like. A mental snap of the fingers brought an end to that thinking. Ginny needed help. “When I was staying with you over the summer, Fred and George took me aside one day and asked for my help with some disposal of magical items. One of the jokes for their store.

“What they had done was take some moisturiser and enchant it with an engrowment charm. People would use it on their hands and a few minutes later their hands would grow four times bigger. They thought it was a hilarious idea. They had created over a dozen jars by the time they had figured out that people might put it in other areas. If a woman put it on her breasts, they would grow so large that she might suffocate. And if a man put it on his penis…well, you can imagine. They neither wanted a reputation for murder or a sex trade.” Hermione tossed the jar away back into Ginny’s trunk.

“We thought we had got them all, but it looks like a couple slipped through the net. When your mum packed your trunk she must’ve found the jar and put it in for you.”

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