Harry Potter Pornography Story: Hermione’s zeal

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Hermione’s zeal

It was a warm summer night about a year or so after the fall of Voldemort and Harry and Ginny were engaged as were Ron and Hermione. Ron was stuck late at the office that night and ginny was finishing up her seventh year so Harry and Hermione decided to go to the leaky cauldron for a drink.

They drank for hours telling stories and chatting with the regulars at the bar.

Then a sort of Euphoria hit Hermione and she decided it was best to stay the night. Harry agreed and stayed as well. it was around 10pm and hermione became very suddenly horny. she raised up her skirt which was very short and drove her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She completly forgot harry was there until he said ” Ugh is everything ok hermione?”

She got up half because she was drunk and didnt care and half cause she was horny and got on her knees pulled out his 9 in cock and started licking the tip. then she drove it down til she had engulfed it all and just kept sucking it like a pro. Harry seizing the oppurtunity to fuck his very horny and sexy best friend ripped off her blouse and started kneading and grabbing her boobs. he then lifted her upside down and started eating her pussy while she was sucking his hard cock.

After awhile they got off and she started to kiss him very deeply and lustfully. “i want you now Harry.” she blurted out.

Harry had sobered up and didnt know what to do.

Hermione simply said ” dont worry about it this will be our little secret.

it took him a minute and looked her up and down. she was stunningly beautiful. Perfect breasts to compliment her juicy ass. and her pussy was cleanly shaven and pink.

“Ok hermione just this once.”

She ripped off his shirt to expose his muscular and well toned body. a few scars from all there adventours. then she took off his pants. she then took off her skirt.

“How do you want to start hermione?”

“Up the ass like i always do”

“Ok” harry said a little to excitedly.

she bent over and put a lube spell on his dick. He didnt wait for a go ahead or anything, he just shoved his erect 9in cock in her beautiful ass. he pounded her going in and out slow then fast then slow again. she was moaning in pleasure the euphoria taking over ating on sheer lust. he then pulled her on top of him and she rode him. they began panting and slowing down. harry then reached around her waist and started fingering her love hole.

Without notice she got off his hard cock and sucked it clean.

“Fuck me NOW harry”

She laid down and harry got inbetween her legs and made room for his cock. he looked into her beautiful eyes and then stuck the whole 9 inches in. he lunged in deeper and deeper. then she flipped on top of him and started riding him cowgirl and kissed him more lustfully than ever. they kept changing positions and moaning.

the silence was broken by harry and hermione screaming “I’m Cumming”

There cum mixed and they fell asleep with her ontop of him his limp and spent cock in her pussy.

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